Working with me

1:1 - 1hour call

If you are a small business owner looking for online growth through content, I can provide you

with instant marketing advice that will help you get some clarity on some of the following:

  • Goals setting
  • Audience identification
  • Brand positioning
  • Market & keyword research
  • Choice of a content management system
  • Content audit
  • Content ideas
  • Content creation
  • Content management
  • Content distribution

If you’re a French entrepreneur, start-up, or marketer willing to develop and scale your business

within the US, I can help you with:

  • Instant business advice on what could/could not work
  • A quick overview of “how does that work in America” both from a professional and personal perspective
  • In B2B a brief benchmarking in certain industries such as law, real estate, health, marketing, and other niche industries in “intellectual services” related.

I speak and work both in English 🇺🇸 and French 🇫🇷. You can book your call with me here.

What Client Say


Karine is one of the most brilliant people I have met professionally in the field of content marketing and content strategy.

Brilliant, trustworthy!

Karine is a tactician par excellence. Her deep analysis, rigorous approach, and untiring drive are remarkable. She is unceasing in her determination to develop a best-in-class strategy and approach and is notably organized in her plan for implementation. She is brilliant, honest, and trustworthy. You cannot exchange with Karine without learning something new, or being challenged in a way that will force you down the road to excellence. She is a unique contributor with all the rare ingredients needed to guide you to success.


Each observation from Karine is like a slap in the face: pertinent, smart, obvious. She is a fast mind, with always a right point of view, concrete, honest and straight to the point.

Content Strategy Consulting

Content strategy is the fuel to your growth. Well conceived content strategy can help you attract, convince and convert. Whether you’re starting from scratch or you feel stuck with your content, I can help you align your content creation efforts (or will) with your business goals.

Here is how I work:

Goals setting

deep dive into your business goals and/or help you clarify them to answer the 1 crucial question: what will your success look like?

Researched phase

industry research, keyword research, content audit, audience analysis, content gap analysis, user journey analysis

Planning phase

mapping your content to your user’s journey, SEO strategy, editorial plan, content distribution strategy


content creation (focusing on video first - repurposing second), content management


Did your content strategy meet your goals? Did you reach success? How can you adjust your content to do even better?


Work with me

Let's conceive your content strategy together to bring your business to the next level!



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