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Instant marketing/business advice

  • If you are a small business owner looking for online growth through content.
  • If you’re a French entrepreneur, start-up or marketer willing to develop and scale your business within the US

I can help you with a 1:1 1hour call. To book a 1 hour call with me, please click here.


Speaking, interviews and teachings:

  • I’ve done in-person and virtual speaking engagements in France or in the US for several companies and business or marketing events on the topic of content marketing and personal branding. For speaking inquiries you can send me an email at [email protected] .
  • I’ve been giving content marketing strategy courses and market research and trends insights classes in several business schools in France. If you’d like to hire me for some workshops, special courses or yearly courses, you can email me at [email protected].



For all consulting requirements, you can book a 60 min call with me here.



My weekly AI Marketing newsletter (🧩AI For Humble Humans) represents the culmination of my research, curated content, and reflections on the transformative impact of AI, particularly generative AI, on the marketing landscape. In just a 3-minute read, I transition from a significant AI news item I identify as a key strategic trend to the associated tactic and then introduce a set of specifics AI tools designed to empower you to implement relevant strategies for your business. My newsletter is featured in the French version of The Economist.

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A fortnightly newsletter demystifying one primary AI Marketing trend, one key AI Marketing strategy, and a collection of AI Marketing tools to assist you in initiating your journey into AI Marketing.

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