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Since November 2022, I've been curating the web daily to understand and be, as much as possible, up-to-date with most AI News especially,  Generative AI and its impact on Marketing, Content Marketing, and SEO. 

Over the past months, I shared my research with my group of girlfriends who also "are in marketing" through a WhatsApp group.

We called it Women 💜 AI Marketing.

Today we decided to turn this group into a real Community. 

We were initially 6: Marie, Isa, Anne-Laure, Delphine, Sandra and me.

All French. All with a deep experience in the US.

We grew and we're now a group of both French 🇫🇷 and American women marketers 🇺🇸.

All us of working at the intersection of Marketing + AI.

AI changed our marketing jobs once for good.

To adapt, we need to connect, interact, share, and learn together.

I don't know any better place than a Community to do that.

If you are a woman in Marketing, embark with us on our AI Marketing journey👇👇👇.

karine Abbou

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