About me 

I am an Entrepreneur and Content strategist with 15 years of experience in conceiving, launching, and implementing B2B content projects and content marketing strategies for B2B clients (lawyers and law firms, venture capitalists firms, real estate multifamily firms, Dentists, digital marketing agencies).

Since the launch of ChatGPT last November 2022, my job has been completely disrupted by the unstoppable rise of Generative AI. So I did what every entrepreneur/marketer is used to doing while facing such a massive disruption in his job...: Understand, learn, adapt, and make the change.

Today I call myself an AI Marketing Educator with an obvious focus on Generative AI marketing and Google's brand-new Search Generative Experience. 


Over the pasts months, I spent thousands of hours curating the web, communities, and other resources, to build an AI Marketing Resource Center and conceiving accessible courses and methodologies to train Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Communicators in making smart use of AI marketing in their daily job and navigating efficiently through the overwhelming volume of AI news and tools.

My Story

My journey is a typical Entrepreneur/Marketer one.

  • After graduating with my Ph.D. in Bankruptcy law and a Master's Degree in Finance, I worked in French law firms for six years. But I was miserable... I was raised to become an Entrepreneur and at some point, I felt I had to launch my own business.
  • In 2009, while expecting my second child, I started one of France's first legal digital marketplaces. That's how I discovered content marketing unknowingly.
  • As a former law teacher, I created the "Encyclopedia of Law for All". In three years, we gained 4,500 leads for lawyers 100% organically. Our Legal Q&A service stood out online, on some of the top websites and French digital brands such as Orange France Telecom, Au Féminin.com, Figaro Classified, etc.
  • We received recognition and were ranked among the "100 Start-ups to Invest in" by The French Economic Challenges Magazine.
  • Challenges appeared too. Funding became tough, and traditional legal institutions resisted digital change. Then, my husband's US opportunity changed everything.


I ventured into Content Marketing, founding France's first Content Marketing Academy for 4,000 French marketers.


  • For the pasts 15 years, I use my experience to help Entrepreneurs set up their content marketing strategies for growth.

My background as a lawyer and teacher has equipped me with the skill to simplify intricate subjects and concepts within today's digital marketing and technology landscape, transforming them into accessible and actionable insights for B2B businesses. 


How can an AI Marketing Educator help you? 

I made it my mission to bridge the knowledge gap between AI and your marketing efforts. Diving into the AI Marketing Revolution is like training for a marathon. Let's train for this one together.

(Ps: that's me in the picture 👉, right before starting my first marathon. Crossed the finish line after a 4h44 min run 😉).

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