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After graduating with my PhD in Bankruptcy law, from Paris business school (Master in Finance) and from Law School, I became a litigation lawyer. I got specialized in bankruptcy and banking law for 6 years in major law firms in France.

But I was miserable...

I was raised to become an entrepreneur and at some point, I felt I had to launch my own business. That's what I did. 

Back in 2009, will being pregnant with my second child, I launched one of the very legal marketplaces in France.

My entire business model was based on a very "new" idea I became known for: instead of paying ads to Google to rank a landing page and get some leads, why not create and distribute for free compelling and useful legal content to build trust and a loyal audience?

My entire business model was built on content marketing - except I didn't know it.

In less than 3 years, we generated almost 4500 leads to nearly 200 lawyers. At the same time, I placed our Legal Q/A service on the top 10 French websites and platforms, among them Orange France Telecom (the French AT&T). The service my partner and I have created received several awards from Public Institutions and our start-up was ranked among the top 100 start-ups to invest in (a yearly ranking published by Challenges Magazine for the pasts 15 years).

The proof of concept was made. But I failed to raise my 3rd round of money (long story short...). And I had to fight against the "legal institutions" that were fighting against digital initiatives to democratize law.

My husband then got an opportunity to launch his business in the United States.

We took it.

That's where I discovered the entire world of Content Marketing. I launched the very first Content Marketing Academy in France an audience of approximately 4000 subscribers of French marketers.

Now I use what I’ve learned to help people just like you develop their businesses through content.

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