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May 10, 2023

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🗞 The 1 news in the news

An interview with Yann Le Cun, VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta. 

As of today, AI needs to be seen as an amplifier of human intelligence. But in less than 5 years, ChatGPT will be old school and AI-powered tools will not only be able to read and think - but also to feel… Yann Le Cun clearly states that that's his goal, shared by other Top Notched AI researchers just like him (Demis Hassabis, CEO of Deepmind, Google’s AI subsidiary says the same thing (here).

"Autoregressive language models such as ChatGPT will have a very short lifespan. Within five years, no one will be using them anymore. Today, the priority of research, the one on which I focus all my efforts, is to find a way to make these models controllable, that is to say, following objectives and respecting constraints. In other words, it's about developing AI that reasons and plans based on given objectives.
 However, we must first agree on the criteria that could guarantee the safety and reliability of such models, which is what we call "alignment". In the end, the machines I'm talking about here will experience emotions. Because a large part of human emotions is primarily linked to the realization or not of objectives, and therefore to a form of anticipation."



  1. What Yann Le Cun describes is pretty much already happening now with the rise of AI assistant and AutoGPT: you give the AI instructions and assigned it certain goals and the “robot” is deploying a full plan for you - including the prompts you need - which by the way means that the highly trendy new skills “prompt engineering” might not be that hot anymore within couple months (weeks?)... Meta is actually developing this right now (here).
  2. To some extent, this idea of a robot not only being able to think and learn but also to “feel” is pretty much already here too. Just Real robots are being integrated with ChatGPT (here). A recent study enlightens that ChatGPT already shows more empathy than the real doctor (here). 


What does that mean for us, humble humans?

  • Don't be overwhelmed. Try first. Understand second. Stay aware. Train.
  • Start by figuring out how AI can be of any help to your job. Then identify the specific tasks that are either repetitive, time-consuming, or complex. As Yan Le Cun says, use those tools with the goal of “amplifying your / your team’s intelligence”.

Sources: View the full interview here and read it here.


Just between you and me 🤫

To pick only 1 AI news this week was a tough one because Dr. Geoffrey Hinton quitting Google and saying that " a part of him now regrets his life's work" is definitely a big one but… I’m not sure we’re learning anything new here (my rant about that here).

Instead, I’ve picked this interview with Yann Le Cun, the French (of course, I'm not biased AT ALL on this one) Head of AI Research at Met because I keep hearing everywhere - as an alibi for NOT paying attention to AI - that Human emotions will never be replaced by AI Robots - and that appears to not being so true anymore...



The 1 insight from social networks

Among the things you can do with what was described above is the Gem from the brilliant Jeremiah Owyang in this post “Few ways to lead AI and not being replaced by it”. I purely simply loved this one.



🧩 Marketing Corner

Topic: From content to video / YouTube shorts


🛠 The 3 tools for your marketing

  • Opus Pro: This one enables you to create incredible YouTube shorts in literally 3 min et 2 clicks from a regular video - and not even by downloading the video, just by sharing its URL. For example, based on a recent 45 min interview with Mark Schaefer, I was about to create in 2 clicks, 15 YouTube shorts video fully ready to be downloaded. The results were incredible and without doing anything in a few hours, I got a hundred views on 1 short only!! (🔗Here)
  • Vidon AI: Awesome too. Transform a short text or a blog post into a super cool animated video that you can customize with your logo, colors, avatar, etc. in just a few clicks. Cherry on the cake: even if you don’t have a drafted blog post but just the topic you’d like to talk about, you can ask an integrated ChatGPT to create the blog post, and once done, with 1 click, VidonAI transformed it into a video. I tested it and the result was impressive. You can create without signing up – but if you’d like to download the final video you must sign up, and subscribe to monthly fees of $12. (🔗Here)
  • Boring Report: An App that uses AI to remove sensationalism from the news while preserving essential information. I haven’t tested it (yet). (🔗Here)


📝The 1 tutorial:

A pretty clear guide on ChatGPT and AuGPT explaining how they differ and how to use it in (pretty) simple words (🔗here).


🤖 The 1 prompt:

This Google with 150 prompts for Marketing Strategy framework created by John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing network is good stuff. (🔗here).  


🤗 The 1 tactic (from me): 

As I explain in each of my presentations when preaching for AI, ChatGPT made us move from Search to Chat. This led Google to not only use AI to improve its search engine, but to transform its Search Engine into an AI-powered Chatbot, now named Bard. The main issue with both is that you couldn’t get the sources neither and links to “back up” and fast-check the answers. This is (already!!) about to be fixed with this recent alternative to ChatGPt and Bard named Perplixity AI. It enables you to have both: the Chat box to start with, and underneath, related links related to your chat. Cherry on the cake: Perplexity AI as a plugin so you can get more accurate and very recent information which, as of right now, ChatGPT can’t allow you to get.

Tactic: When creating your content, or researching, use a mix of the 3: ChatGPT, Bard, and Perplixity. All are Free (🔗here). 

🤓The 1 content worth your reading:

 This (as usual) excellent post from AnimalZ where Ryan Law explains the 6 risks of AI content (🔗here).  



Here are 4 ways we can work together:

  • AI Wiki: Since November 2022 I’ve been curating the web to understand AI and its impact on Marketing. I gathered all this information in a (now pretty massive) doc I call my AI Wiki. To check it out, join the waiting list 👉 here.
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