🧩 #6-The AI Paradox - AI Fear v/s AI Excitement

Jul 11, 2023

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📍THE news that needs your attention

This research from The Verge, Vox Media, and the research consultancy firm The Circus polled more than 2,000 Americans on their thoughts, feelings, and fears about AI.

The short of it: On the surface, the AI Paradox seems obvious - it arises from the simultaneous recognition of AI’s immense benefits and the challenges it presents. A closer look reveals a more nuanced reality.

AI comparison chart

AI offers vast perspectives - and an overwhelming presence:

  • AI Appears to be literally everywhere: in our daily Apps, in the news, and in the constant media discussions.

  • AI is scary: Nearly 75% of people believe that AI will have a tremendous impact on our society, both in dramatic ways (38% agree that AI could wipe out humanity) and in improbable ways (56% believe people will develop emotional relationships with AI 🤔, and 64% do not oppose the production of sentient AI 😳).

  • AI will be big: The AI market, on a larger scale, is poised to become the largest market growth ever recorded.

  • AI is not yet fully here: BUT… as of today, the reality is that the number of people who have actually tested AI is extremely low: 58% of U.S adults are familiar with ChatGPT, but only 14% of them have used it.

Sources: Read the full post (🔗 here) and other stats (🔗 here).


🧠 What does that mean for us, humble humans?  

Most of us are currently experiencing a double AI fear:

  • The fear of the end of the world (in short: AI will ultimately destroy humanity)

  • The fear of the end of the month (in short: AI tools will replace us and we will all soon be out of jobs).

Both fears paralyze us.

Food for thoughts to overcome this:

  • We're scared of what we don't know. We don't know what we don't use. Taking action is the best solution to overcome fear.


  • As explained in The Verge’s research, the gap between the fear of the “AI unknown” and the lack of “AI practice” is characterized by AI tools, especially the generative ones that can create content almost by themselves (and without us!).


  • Nobody really knows what an AI tool is. However, we can distinguish between AI integrated into the daily apps we use without even noticing it (Amazon, Google, Photoshop, Hubspot, etc.) and the new AI tools hype that has emerged since ChatGPT was released as open source.


  • Nothing we're currently experiencing is entirely new. In fact, it's pretty common in the technology landscape. In Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore studies how tech products move through the product adoption curve (innovators, early adopters, etc.). With AI tools, we're just at the beginning of this curve.

Technology adoption life cycle 
  • These AI tools are booming, just like during the internet bubble at the very beginning of Web 2.0. We will soon enter a “correction period” like in the stock market (cf. the post below from a top expert on that topic).

On your TO-DO-LIST: Overcome your fear. Take action. Try a selection of targeted AI tools. Rethink your content creation workflow based on your testing. And just keep reading this newsletter to get 1 marketing tactic to start with 😉.




🎯 THE insight from social networks

Read carefully this (reassuring) post from the a16z superstar of Tech & Content-related start-up, Andrew Chen.

The short of it:The abundance of new AI apps creates excitement, but eventually, the party will end”. 


Sources: Check the full post (🔗 here).

What does that mean for us, humble humans?  

From an investor’s standpoint, Andrew Chen’s recommendations make sense: Developing an AI App is one thing. Focusing on retention and low churn is another - but compulsory one for sustainable growth.

Now, from a marketer’s standpoint and based on months of testing numerous AI Tools on a weekly basis, those observations might help you cut through the AI tool’s noise and quickly choose the one relevant to your marketing tasks.

  • Pro v/s random: Making the difference between the well-thought and improved AI tools that required a bunch of engineering skills (and money!) v/s the one developed on a Saturday night by an AI geek excited to make some experiments with ChatGPT on Github is pretty fast - and easy.


  • Pricing: While testing them, you’ll quickly discontinue using the AI tools that become excessively expensive with very low Return On Investment (ROI) compared to the others. Some are simply not worth the money.


  • AI communities: By following certain AI Influencers on social media, and joining specific AI groups and communities, within a few weeks, you’ll quickly be able to identify the few % of AI tools that are frequently mentioned. These are usually the ones (backup with seed money or VC’s money) that have been tested and “approved” by the community, in contrast to those that are mentioned only once, often without being genuinely tested, and are likely to disappear quickly.

Want to identify which AI influencers and AI communities to follow? Check out my AI wiki (🔗 here).


🧩 AI Marketing Corner

Topic: Video Content

🤗 The 1 tactic (from me):

  • Pick the 1 content format that you’re working on the most on a daily basis. Let’s take video content as an example.

  • Pick 1 AI tool marketplace (platform) friendly enough for you (keep reading).

  • Allocated just 1 hour to make a selection of the ones that seem the most relevant…

  • … or try the one I’ve tested for you (below):

🛠 5 AI tools for your marketing:

AI-powered video creation tools:

  • WaveVideo - Live streaming studio, video editor, thumbnail maker, video hosting, video recording, and stock library combined in one platform (🔗 Here).

  • Designs.ai - Create logos, videos, banners, and mockups with AI in 2 min (🔗 Here).

  • Wowto.ai - Create “how-to” videos in a few clicks. (🔗 Here).

  • Reachout.ai - Create a new way for email prospecting: Video prospecting. Video personalization platform where you can offer your product through video and email (🔗 Here).

  • y2mate. com - To help you download audio and video from YouTube. This tool is my favorite one to get the written transcript of a youtube video I found relevant (🔗Here).

📝 The 1 AI Market place:

Among the ones I like the most: The AI Marketing Directory (🔗 Here).

🤓 The 1 content worth your reading:

This essay, from Shelly Palmer (🔗 here).

With generative AI, the traditional demarcations between roles like “strategist”, “copywriter”, or “data analyst” start to blur. Everyone in the team interacts with the AI, guides it, and uses its output. This changes the dynamic of the team and how it functions”.

Shelly Palmer.

🎁 THE 1 solution to get rid of your AI fear!!!!

Subscribe to my (free) webinar to dive deep into AI marketing. In 30 min, you’ll get:

  • 🧩 The fundamentals of AI and its main concepts

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