🧩 #4-AI Agents are coming after Google...

Jun 16, 2023

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📍THE news that needs your attention

This blog post from Goldman Sachs’s blog refers to a conversation between Bill Gates and Stripe co-founder and CEO Patrick Collison, at a Goldman Sachs conference in San Francisco.

The short of it: Autonomous Agent will kill Google and Amazon.


“There will be one company that creates a personal agent that will understand all your activities and will read your messages. It will read the stuff you don’t have time to read.

(…) That’s a big thing because you’ll never go to a search site again. You’ll never go to a productivity tool again. You’ll never go to Amazon again. Everything will be mediated through your agent”.

Bill Gates.

Sources: Read the full post (🔗 here).


🧠 What does that mean for us, humble humans 

Autonomous Agents (AI agents) are the next big thing.

All those large companies - Apple this past month, but also Verizon, Samsung, Bank Of America, etc. who decided to restrict the use of ChatGPT in their companies are all the ones that are most probably currently working on creating their own AI agent. If you don’t believe me, check this post from Allie Miller (🔗 here) 😉.

You might not be able to do that, at least right now.

That said, the road to AI Agents is still long and will be paved with many milestones, some of which are set to be real tsunamis. The first of these will be the transition from Search to Chat.

That, you have the ability to anticipate and get ready for.



🎯 THE insight from social networks

This post from Eli Schwartz is about the impact of SGE and what you can do right now to get ready for it.

The short of it: Yesterday, Google released access to a few SEO professionals to experience the very first version of SGE. The feedbacks so far are not great. But it’s the beginning of a new SEO Era…


Sources: Read the full post (🔗 here).


What does that mean for us, humble humans 

Prepare for the SEO Hurricane. As Eli recommends in his post:

  • Don’t avoid the conversation. Talk about it with your team.

  • Traffic will decrease inevitably. Adjust your plan, and review your goals & KPIs.

  • Diversify. Aim at different goals on other platforms.

  • Train, read, and stay updated.

Reading this newsletter is a good start to doing that 😉.




🧩 AI Marketing Corner

Topic: Content Repurposing


🤗 The 1 tactic (from me):

Now is the time to consider content repurposing not only as part of your distribution strategy but as part of your core content strategy itself.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Go all in for very long-form content (anyone who has more than 50 episodes of a podcast, youtube show, or blog posts, has a gold mine).

  • Any content format will be fine. AI tools enable you to do almost anything you want (written to audio, video to text, audio from video). The sky is truly the limit. So just go with your own flow.

  • Create exceptionally unique content (more than ever)

  • Continue to think about your website as a master topic cluster

  • Continue to think about your website as the main home for your content

  • But, adjust your goals: so far, ranking on Google on X or Y keywords was always one of the mandatory steps or goals of any content strategy. It can still be, but equally with other goals on other platforms.

  • Repurpose A LOT in every possible format for as many platforms as possible.


🛠 5 AI tools for your marketing:

Tools to help you do that.

  • Go Charlie - Turn your videos into summaries, rewrite, and summarize the content. It can also create images from text descriptions, and turn images into Alt Text (🔗 Here).

  • Mixo - Launch a start-up in a second with AI. The AI-powered builder helps entrepreneurs quickly launch and validate their idea. Great tools to create fast a topic cluster. (🔗 Here).

  • Supercreator - Great tool to repurpose your content into videos for Tik tok (🔗 Here).

  • MagicBookifier - Turn audio into a Book. Great repurposing tool if your main platform is a Podcast (🔗 Here).

  • Sidebird. io - Turn any Notion pages into a Twitter Thread (🔗 Here).


📝 The 1 Tutorial:

Few things to consider about Prompting:

  1. Stay away from the hype around “prompt learning”. My rant about it (🔗Here).

  2. Yes, you do need your own prompts for your job.

  3. Using pre-written prompts by others might help, but it will never perfectly fit your needs.

  4. Instead of templates, understand the main components of good prompts.

This prompting Guide will help you do just that (🔗Here).


🤓 The 1 content worth your reading:

This (very important) post from Google’s Blog: A new way to Search with Generative AI - An overview of SGE (🔗here).



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