🧩 #3-Google v/s Bing v/s... Open Source

May 19, 2023

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🗞 The 1 news in the news 

This blog post from Simon Willison about the Leaked Google Document: “We Have No Moat, And Neither Does Open AI”. 

Imagine a conversation in one of Google’s offices about them and Open AI going like this: 

" (…) The uncomfortable truth is, we aren’t positioned to win this arms race, and neither is Open AI. While we’ve been squabbling, a third faction has been quietly eating our lunch. I’m talking of course about open source. Plainly put, they are lapping us. Things we consider “major open problems” are solved and in people’s hands today. (...). 

While our models still hold a slight edge in terms of quality, the gap is closing astonishingly quickly. Open-source models are faster, more customizable, more private, and pound-for-pound more capable. They are doing things with $100 and 13B params that we struggle with at $10M and 540B. And they are doing so in weeks, not months. (...) ".

Sources: Read the full leak and original source here



  1. The Coca-Cola v/s Pepsi; Mac v/s PC war is back! Just call it now Google v/s Bing. Over the pasts few weeks, Bing has deployed major improvements to its Search Engine/Chat. Bard was Google’s answer to ChatGPT. Today, Project Magi (Google’s project that incubates the brand-new concept of Search Generative Experience that will replace SEO) is Google’s answer to ChatGPT + Bing. 

That was last week.

Yesterday, Open AI rolled out ChatGPT plugins to Plus users which basically means that ChatGPT will now officially be connected to the internet. And tomorrow, some other news of this kind. And so on. 

Overwhelming news to say the 1 same thing:

Those who were leading the world so far, as monopolistic giants owning our data are now engaged in a commodity war - except that instead of Coke or computer, the product is now Chat v/s Search. But they’re also aware that the final winner will most probably be none of them.

The winner is already Open Source. Which means…us. AI belongs to everybody. 


2. AI belongs to everybody: just have a look at the amount of money invested in AI Open-Sources just over the pasts few weeks (to name just a few): 

  • GitHub, the open source platform from where so many new innovations such as AI-Agent are coming out just reached 90 million active users on its platform (here). 
  • Hugging Face, a start-up that makes machine learning and the best AI chat models available to everyone (and very modestly called itself the AI community building the future) just reached 2 billion valuations to build the GitHub of machine learning (here). 
  • Anthropic who aims to build the next generation of AI assistants to compete with ChatGPT just raised another $300M at a $4.1B valuation (here). 
  • Together, another open-source firm, just raised $20 million in Seed capital to make AI and Cloud accessible (here). 


3. The real AI-Driven change lies in places like GitHub where anyone can use those technologies and build something that can disrupt everything. Those are invisible and unpredictable competitors for Google, Bing & Co. AI is part of Web 3. Web 3 is a decentralized web. Where the power is owned by... individuals like us.  


What does that mean for us, humble humans 

  • Open Source means YOU, me, anyone. 
  • Use it!! 
  • Here are a few things to keep in mind to leverage this new superpower: 
  •  Be aware that Personal Branding is the only marketing that is left – and do something with it: create something that only you can create. 
  •  Develop partnerships: you might be a genius content writer – and not an engineer at all. It’s ok. Find one and build a smart partnership with him/her. And reverse. 
  •  If you already are a content creator, no matter how is this content packaged so far (audio, video, written, visual, or else) use it to launch your own AI Bot (more on that below). 
  •  If you are not yet a content creator, fix that ASAP. You have much more content than you think – and thanks to AI, you can turn all of it into an extremely powerful marketing asset. 

Just keep reading to know more about how to implement those ideas. 


🔎 The 1 insight from social networks

Very humbly, this week, I’ll share one of mine… All you need to know about Google I/O kick-off  👉 Here.



🧩 Marketing Corner 

Topic: Coping with the “content creation anxiety” + AI chatbot 


🔎 The 1 AI case study: 

The true winner is Open Source and Seth Godin made good use of it. He trained his own AI chatbot. 

  Seth Godin AI chatbot




🤗 The 1 tactic (from me): 

Gather all your content and create your own AI bot. 


The idea here is to understand that you do have content – or at least more content than you think - even if you think you don't. 


First, you certainly also have sales brochures, PDFs, text-based conversations with customers, former presentations, speeches, etc. 


Second, in our AI era, be aware that YOU ARE THE CONTENT. You, your expertise, your memories, your thoughts, your passions, your readings, favorites books, foods, movies, or worsts nightmares. All of this can be turned into some content (of any format) – at the snap of a finger – and then nurture a chatbot content strategy that will enable you to connect with your consumers in the way they want to (in 2023). 


You just need to find ways to extract it - and put it into a format. 


Tactic: Just start! 



🛠 The 4 AI tools for your marketing: 

Tools to help you do that. 

  • TheoAssist - Get inspired by this AI Tool to understand the process of creating content based on former existing content/book, etc. TheoAssist is a chat and research tool built around the Bible (🔗Here). 
  • Rewind.ai – Ask the tool to remind you (written) anything you’ve seen, said, or heard. Truly impressive to transform everything you did, attend, thought, etc. into content – and knowledge base (🔗Here). 
  • Character.AI - You can also trigger different types of conversations with an AI and turned them into content. For example, trigger conversations with Character AI which allows you to talk to famous people, dead or alive (who by the way just raised, with no revenue, $150M led by a16z) - and turned it into content (🔗Here). 
  • GPTFlix and Ghola - If you’re really completely out of content bases, you can even create a Chatbot to talk about movies GPTFlix (pick the one that is connected to your industry or type of business) - or get inspired by Ghola, a platform to train and talking to public figures for insights (🔗Here)  and (🔗Here).   
  • AskAI - Create your own ChatGPT with your own content (🔗Here).


📝 The 1 Tutorial: 

This LinkedIn Slideshow where Isabella Bedoya, the Founder of one of the largest AI tools database and prompt base ThereIsAnAIForThat, shares her secret sauce to generate 2.3M impressions and $96k$ in 6 weeks with smart content repurposing and the rain Chain of Prompt (🔗here).  


🤓 The 1 content worth your reading: 

This post from Hubspot details the virtues of Chat (and chatbot) in a marketing strategy   (🔗here).   

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