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Apr 24, 2023

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The 1 News in the News

In this interview with the Wall Street Journal, Sundar Pichai indicated that while Google had previously used AI to improve the search experience and quality of answers provided by its search engine, they now integrating AI into its search engine itself to transform "search" into "conversation". 


👉  What does that mean for us, Humble Humans?

We are moving from Search to Chat. Until now, SEO-performing websites were designed around topic clusters. It could very well be that Chat will now become the dominant interface for future software and that websites will need to be designed not as a group of pages around a specific topic - but more as an interface allowing conversations with future clients based on their needs a business is filling in through its products or services. 



The 1 Post on Social Media

 In early April, Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot's Founder, personally bought the domain name chat.com (not on behalf of Hubspot). Why does that matter? Not that much for the cost of the transaction (certainly substantial but not disclosed anyway). It is a BIG DEAL in terms of the major Tech & Marketing Trends that it embodies. 



👉  What does that mean for us, Humble Humans?

ChatGPT is not just an innovation related to artificial intelligence, it is also a major UX (User Experience) innovation. We might have to completely re-think the architecture of a website (and thus, a brand content strategy) through the prism of conversation AND community....

Starting when? 

Yesterday 😱.



AI Marketing Corner

Topic: Content writing


🛠 The 1 AI tool: 

Bonus read to use this tool:  I’m a AI prompt Engineer. Here are 3 ways to use ChatGPT to get the best results - by Anna Bernstein from Copy AI (link).


🤖 The 1 prompt/group of prompts (from others): 

  •  This one post regroups 54 examples of prompts for blog writing (link).


🤗 The 1 tactic (from me): 

You have a great idea for a piece of content. First, clearly identify the topic (and the audience you’re targeting). Record it (on your cell, on your Mac, on Loom). Don’t try to do it perfectly. Just speak as it comes. Download the files into an audio transcript tool (I use Trint – but you have plenty of others).

Read to “clean it” from the Euh, ah, etc.

Ask ChatGPT the following prompts:

1) “You’re an expert in [your topic]. Please provide an outline for a 2500 words post around the [Your Topic Keywords]

2) Now, create the post based on this outline, topic, and ideas". In the tone of [be specific on your topic of expertise and specify your audience].

Of course, don't stop here. Add your personal touch. But at least, you won't be able to say that "writing is not your thing" and fighting writer's block can no anymore be your alibi to not start with content marketing  


🤓 The 1 good read: 

  • AI-Generated content is the new Floor - Rand Fishkin / Sparktoro's blog (link)


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